Candice and Colleen

Our work is based on the latest neuro-scientific teachings about stress, attachment and behaviours as well as best practices around social emotional learning (SEL or EQ). Experiencing this work grows one’s levels of Emotional Intelligence, levels of awareness and understanding of who we are being and bringing into the lives of our children every day.

Candice Dick is an Emotional Intelligence specialist who has spent the last seven years training educators, parents and children in this powerful life skill.

After gaining her degree at Stellenbosch University Candice spent time working and traveling and came to realise her calling was to work with adults to better understand and guide children.

"In the classroom it came to my attention that there had to be an alternative to the punishment mindset as a way to guide learners to make constructive, empowering choices. In search of the answers I found Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a way to cultivate the skills and habits that lead to personal accountability, leadership, connection and contribution."

Candice's qualifications include:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • B.Comm Degree
  • EQ Certification, Singapore
  • EQ Educator certification
  • EQ Assessor for children and adults
  • Ageless Grace Facilitator
  • Byron Katie’s School The Work, Germany
  • Innate Healing Therapist



From our participants: 

Candice was very real and authentic which gives permission for all to follow suit.  Loved her real stories.

Candice has an incredible mind and presence that is most appealing!  She does not avoid tackling difficult topics and allows her mind to roam its full scope of knowledge and experience. 

Candice, I completely trust your guidance in this process. What you intuitively pick up on – has been absolutely fabulous.  


For the last eight years Colleen Wilson has been on a deep and profound journey of study and experiential learning in the field of parenting and relationship. Her research into cutting-edge neuroscience and the science of relationship bring powerful perspectives and transformation in the home and classroom.

Colleen studied understanding and healing difficult behaviours in London under the Post Institute, and she studied peaceful parenting online under the incredible Dr Marcy Axness. As a parent of a child with processing challenges she studied Neuro-developmental movement through US based Brain & Sensory Foundation and locally studied through Mind Moves to learn how we calm and grow the brain. In 2015, Colleen studied in California under Dr Daniel Siegel himself.  

"However my most powerful teachers have been my own children and the challenges they bring to life and relationship so, in partnership with Candice,  we have packaged to pass on all that we have learnt through our 4-module course."

Colleen's qualifications include:

  • B-Comm Hons, Cum Laude
  • Master I & II – Consciousness Coaching
  • SE-EQ certified assessor
  • EQ Educator certified
  • Immersion weekend – Dr Dan Siegel, California
  • Mind Moves – moves that heal levels 1-5
  • Touch for Health

From our participants:

Thank you Colleen, you are an inspirational speaker, and so real. I was blown away.

Dynamite comes in small packages.  Colleen is authentic and honest and incredibly knowledgable.

Colleen, I am changed forever for encountering you.  You have a gifting and I wish you well as you change the world, one parent at a time.

"I highly recommend this program not just to parents or women but ANY individual working with children."

Mother & Educator

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