Contemporary Parenting Signature Course

 "This course will not only change your family's dynamic's, it will help you be the best parent you want to be." - Mother of two

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Parenting tweens & teens, Durban

The next Contemporary Parenting Signature course is on Monday 14, 21, 28 August & 4 September.

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Public Educator

Our Educating Signature Course is also available and an option for parents.

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What's the course about? Empowering parents.

We understand the challenges of parenting, especially in today's world. What is the best thing for each child! It can be really tough. We get it. We empower you, the parent, with insights and experiential learning to create enriching change in your home. It doesn't have to be so hard. Our 4-part course will bring lasting positive changes. There is no need to feel so lost in the parenting space. You will be empowered to lead and create the harmony and connection you seek in your family.

Module 1

Wide Awake Parenting: The science and practice of being aware

Module 2

Emotional Intelligence: How to grow an emotionally intelligent family

Module 3

Tricky Behaviours: What drives behaviour and how to handle it

Module 4

Parenting Awareness: The secrets of lasting change

What you'll learn

Gain skills in:

  • Children's needs in stressful or challenging situations.
  • Presence and it's impact on brain development.
  • The science of healthy connection and how to build it.
  • The wisdom within emotions and how parents and children can cultivate high Emotional Intelligence.
"Great foundation for parenting" - Father of two

Each module shares knowledge, builds awareness and offers specific tools for parents to take home and experiment with.  Each module builds on previous learnings with time set aside to trouble-shoot and learn from each other's experiences. 

The course includes a Contemporary Parenting manual and access to a private Contemporary Parenting Facebook group.

Upcoming locations:
Highway Area Launching Online

"So most of us study for years to be qualified at our day jobs, but if you are a parent this is your most important job of all. As the saying goes “parenting comes without a Manual” well I believe I found one! I cannot recommend this parenting course enough … it’s the best decision you can make firstly for YOURSELF & also for your children."

Michelle - mother of two

"Thank you Colleen and Candice, you are really so appreciated. Well-done, the course was humour-filled, honest, loving and full of kindness."

Father of four

"This course has literally changed my life. My husband and I arrived at Contemporary Parenting with so little energy, so little clarity. Since doing this - I can’t believe the difference in our home. Parents who are struggling - it doesn’t have to be this way. This course is worth every cent. It’s seriously a game-changer."

Jess - mother of two

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