Contemporary Educating Signature Course

Available in-house or host a course.

Empowering educators with social emotional skills for the classroom

The demands and pressures placed on educators today can be exhausting and overwhelming. Technology. Crammed timetables. Curriculum changes. Results. And at the heart of it, a growing number of learners who are anxious, frustrated, stressed or distracted. It's tough.

How can you connect and support a class of children with so much going on?

We empower educators, with knowledge and awareness in the the science of relationship, emotional intelligence and stress to enhance your classroom without adding pressure to an already demanding role.

Our 3-part course offers skills to support your class in simple yet transformative ways.  You will gain new understanding’s of social emotional learning and connection to integrate into your classroom and lesson’s.

Module 1

The science & practice of being present & aware.


Module 2

The plate on which everything sits.

Module 3

Understanding a stressed brain and it’s needs

"With much enthusiasm I have implemented some of what we have learnt and the results are to say the least, astounding."

Berea Primary School

Gain skills in:
  • Understanding presence & it's impact on brain development.
  • Understanding stress & children's needs in stressful or challenging situations
  • The science of healthy connection how it impacts learning and how to build it
  • Reducing conflict between teacher & child, parent & teacher and between colleagues
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • The wisdom within emotions and how to cultivate high Emotional Intelligence.
  • Improved ability to handle stress & overwhelm
How does it work?

The sessions involve facilitation, group work, paired work, role-playing, worksheets and reflection time. Participants are supplied with a detailed workbook, recommended reading and resources and a tool-box of tools to take into their lives and into the classroom. 

Who should attend?

Everyone who works with children, including sports & extra curricular coaches, boarder masters and mistresses and HOD’s.

Host a course.

All of this has led to a sense empowerment in my relationships, peace and joy and a better desired end result for all concerned. - Principal, Mes Amis Manna

Module details

Module 1: Presence & Awareness: The science and practice of Conscious Educators

This module focuses on the science and practices of presence, awareness and mindfulness and the benefits to teachers’ stress levels and to the children’s behaviours, their ability to perform and their Social Emotional Learning.  This insight and understanding forms the basis of all personal mastery as well as the basis of empathy and ‘getting’ of another.

Module 2 – Emotional Intelligence in & around the classroom:

EQ starts with awareness and builds through emotional literacy. Social Emotional issues tend to abound in schools and this module allows the adults to grow their EQ to facilitate the development of EQ in and around the classroom. This module teaches awareness of self and others, how our inner work affects everything we say and do and how to engage empathy to foster connection, which is good for learning. It teaches us how Emotional Intelligence is often hi-jacked and to be mindful of and how to handle stressful situations.

Module 3: Negative Behaviours, tantrums, defiance and rebellion – what is behind this and how to shift it

Stress is underrated in children and adults as a driver of many of the negative behaviours we exhibit ourselves and experience in others. Understanding our triggers, our stressors and our inner world starts to lead us towards mastering our outer worlds and gives us insight and understanding into the inner worlds of others.  Neuro-Science has offered us such an insight in the last decade into human behaviour and into the opportunities for human growth and development, enhancing cognitive & social skills.

From one of our participants

Ms. Hlongwane, a primary/secondary teacher, reflects on her experience with this course.


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